Exceptional Acupuncture

Our treatment approach is an evolution in acupuncture based on the Balance Method developed by world-renowned Dr. Richard Tan. It promotes self-healing through needling of targeted acupuncture points distant from the areas of pain and discomfort. This intuitive yet highly specific practice treats the injury while leaving the area of concern needle free.

Benefits of Balance Method Acupuncture

  • Ongoing improvement with each successive treatment
  • Minimal number of sessions needed to achieve stable, lasting improvement
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Relaxes and re-­trains muscles
  • Soothes tense nerves
  • Restores and re-energizes the body’s natural healing system
  • Uses fewer yet more exact acupuncture points for instant results

Complementary Cupping

Cupping is an add-on treatment that uses specially designed suction cups to create a vacuum on the skin that gently pulls in muscle and tissue to draw out toxins, stagnancy, or imbalances. If cupping is a part of your treatment plan, it will be performed briefly after your acupuncture treatment; cups may be left on for up to 20 minutes for optimal results. After treatment, many people have painless red or purple discolorations that last from a few hours to several days. These marks indicate that stagnant fluids were successfully pulled to the surface of the skin for release.

Chinese Herbs

Herbal therapy, like acupuncture and cupping, is designed to help balance your system and address root issues. Sourced from nature and custom-blended for your condition, our formulations offer drug-free, zero side-effect support for concerns including chronic fatigue, respiratory distress, digestive ailments, hormone imbalances, immunodeficiency, and bone loss. 

Remote Acupuncture Healing

Whether you require socially distanced healing or prefer the convenience of being treated from home (or anywhere you find yourself in the world), Dr. Eileen Yue-Ling Han now offers a unique acupuncture meridian-based approach that provides virtual acupuncture-like efficiency and efficacy.

Based on traditional energy medicine and made modern by integration of technology, Remote Acupuncture Healing addresses how we now live and work.

The basic process is simple:
1) Consultation: Dr. Han will contact you about your current concerns via the method you prefer 1) videoconference: Zoom or FaceTime for iOS devices or 2) phone and emailed photographs if possible
2) Assessment: With an emphasis on energy blockages and specific body areas and systems requiring relief, Dr. Han creates your personalized treatment plan
3) Treatment: Using an acupuncture doll to focus intentions and energy on the corresponding areas of physical, physiological, and/or emotional stagnation, Dr. Han remotely works on your body
4) Rest and recovery: Simply relax and sleep, if possible, during the 45-60 minute treatment as the needles begin to work.

Remote treatments are offered at $85 per session, cash or check only (no insurance). Receive a $10 per treatment discount when you purchase a package of 3 treatments ($75 x 3 =$225 ) for 3 treatments; complete package must be used within 1 year of purchase date)

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