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Taking care of yourself is a 24/7/365 commitment. Han Nutrition Care, our sister company, makes it easier for you with wellness options you can purchase online for fast delivery to your home or office. Browse all of our offerings at and give us a call with any questions.


“I don’t like needles, never have and never will. I had no idea I could benefit from meridian treatment until I found this pen. Well worth it.”
San Juan Capistrano, CA

Pa-Chi Piezo Stimulator Pen

No-Needle Acupuncture

Activate acupuncture pressure points (meridians) without needles

  • A pain relief option you can perform from home
  • Uses a micro-short, yet powerful electrical pulse for moderate to strong stimulation
  • Effects are immediate but not as long-lasting as needling acupuncture
  • Requires grounding for proper use
  • Use only under the supervision of or with guidance from a qualified healthcare professional


(pronounced “serenity”)
  • All-natural, caffeine free, Chinese herbal tea (Jia Wei Xiao Yan San)
  • Natural calming remedy for depression, anxiety, stress, hormone imbalances (ie, menopausal symptoms
  • Breaks down excess cortisol to support liver function
  • No side effects or drug interactions


  • Capsule supplement (antrodia cinnamomea medicinal mushrooms)
  • Helps address chronic and acute liver issues
  • May provide anti-inflammatory, immune regulation, antioxidant benefits


  • Capsule supplement (Dan Shen [salvia] and San Qi [notoginseng])
  • Helps improve circulation of qi (energy)
  • Ideal for blood circulation support to the body and brain